1. Agreement of the User

This User Agreement (hereinafter, "Agreement") determines the conditions and rules of use of the Materials. and Services of the site fondostar.com (hereinafter, "the Site"), as well as the rights and obligations of its users and site administration. The Agreement also extends to relationships related to third parties parties, who are not users of the site but whose rights and interests may be affected as a result of the site User actions.

1. General terms

1.1. This agreement is the legally binding agreement between the user and the administration of the site whereby Site Administration provides the user with the rights to use the site and its services.

1.2. The User is obliged to know this Agreement before registering on the Site. Registration of the User on the Site means the total and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Agreement by the User. By by accessing the Site, its Materials and Services, the User accepts this Agreement.

2. State of the administration of the site.

2.1. In this Agreement and other special documents, Site Administration is understood as FONDOSTAR

2.2. The applications, suggestions and claims of individuals and legal entities to the Administration of the site in connection to the terms of this Agreement and issues related to the operation of the Site, infringement of rights and Third party interest, when used, maybe sent to support@fondostar.com

2.3. The right to use the brand name, trademarks, domain name or other distinguishing marks of the Site The administration may be granted to the User or to third parties only for advertising purposes. Use for others purposes is punishable by the law of the Dominican Republic .

3. User status and registration on the site.

3.1. The user of the site is the individual who is registered on the site according to the procedure established by this Agreement.

3.2. The registration of the user on the site is free and voluntary.

3.3. The User has the possibility to register as a Partner of the Company.

3.4. By registering on the Site, the User is obliged to provide the Site Administration with the necessary true and updated information to create the personal identification and the user's personal account, including the user's single login (email address) and password to access the Site, as well as the first and last User Name (s.

3.5. After sending the information specified in clause 3.4 of this Agreement, the user must complete a Authentication procedure on the Site by activating the User account through a link from the message, that will be sent by the Administration of the site to the user's email. In case the entire registration sequence actions is completed successfully the user account is created on the site. The user has the right to register maximum of a personal account under your name.

3.6. For the complete registration and opening of the full functionality of the personal account, the user must pass verification procedure by providing the Site Administration with the Investment Account (User's Wallet) number), contacts and passport details.

3.7. The completion of the registration process is available only through full and unconditional acceptance of the Rules by the User.

3.8. All conditions of this Agreement apply to the User.

3.9. By registering each User accepts this Agreement and assumes the rights and obligations under the same with respect to the use and operation of the Site. After the successful registration of the User on the Site, The administration assumes the rights and obligations for the User as provided in this Agreement.

3.10. By accepting the terms of the Agreement when registering on the Site, the User acknowledges his / her acceptance of the processing of personal data by the administration of the site provided in the process of registering, as well as the data that is published freely in the personal account.

3.11. The Administration of the site takes all the necessary measures to protect the personal data of the user of unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction. Site Administration can use Information provided by the User, including personal data to prevent and / or suppress illegal actions of the users. The information provided by the User may be disclosed only in accordance with the The legislation of the Dominican Republic . At the request of the court.

3.12. The User is responsible for ensuring that the information provided at the time of registration is true, updated, complete, consistent and free of third-party claims.

3.13. The user name and password chosen by the user are the necessary and sufficient information for the user. access to the personal account on the site. The user does not have the right to transfer their login and password to third parties and is fully responsible for the confidentiality of the login information, choosing him / herself the method of storage.

3.14. Any action taken with the use of the username and password is considered to have been taken by the User unless the User demonstrates otherwise. In case of unauthorized access to the username and password of the user and / or personal identification and personal account of the user, or the disclosure of the username and password of the user, the The user is obliged to notify the Administration of the site immediately. The Site Administration has the right, but not forced to change the user's password and email in the verification procedure or to block access to the Personal account of the user until the dispute is resolved.

4. Rights and obligations of the user

4.1. The User has the right to use the Services only based on the conditions and restrictions under this Agreement. The User also has the right to publish Materials (with respect to this Agreement, Materials mean text, photo, video and other materials). All materials are provided only after successful verification and published on the site after the approval of the Administration of the site. All materials on the website, too as in its services it is known as the "Content".

4.2. When using the Services of the site, the User is obliged

4.2.1. to comply with the provisions of the current legislation of the Dominican Republic , this Agreement and other documents of the Administration of the site.

4.2.2. provide true, accurate and complete information on issues of the registration form and maintain this information updated ;

4.2.3. inform the Site Administration of unauthorized access to the user's personal account and / or unauthorized access and / or use of the user's password and login;

4.2.4. not provide other users with access to their own personal identification or separate information if it can involve breach of the laws of the Dominican Republic. and / or this Agreement, special documents of the Administration of the site. The user assumes full responsibility for any action taken using your username and password, as well as content published under your username;

4.2.5. not published in the site information (comments) that may involve violation of the laws of the Dominican Republic. Y which may infringe the rights and interests of other people and the Administration of the site;

4.2.6. not publish the content (text, video comments) if the user is not the author of these materials or for that there is no right to use sufficient materials to meet the conditions of the Agreement;

4.2.7. before publishing information of which the User is not the holder of a right, to evaluate in advance if such publish is legal In case of doubts about the legitimacy of any action, including the publication of information or access provision, the Site Administration recommends refraining from taking such actions;

4.2.8. not to take measures directed to the unauthorized access to the Software of the Site;

4.2.9. not store personal data of other Users and not use Data for commercial purposes;

4.2.10. not represent yourself as the employee of Site Administration without the relationship between the Site Administration and the User;

4.3. Publish personal information with the exception of the information provided to the Administration of the site in the registration process, the User himself determines what information about him will be public and the The user understands that from the announcement not only employees but third parties will have access to personal data. The user assumes responsibility for the consequences of the placement of such information.

4.4. The user has no right to place content that:

4.4.1. It contains information that includes the government or another secret especially protected by law.

4.4.2. it contains a call to take power, a violent change in the constitutional order and the integrity of the State;

4.4.3. aims to awaken hatred or animosity, as well as to disparage a person or a group of people in the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, language, origin, religious or social group and other materials of an extremist nature;

4.4.4. contains propaganda and demonstrates Nazi paraphernalia or symbols or paraphernalia or symbols that have a confusing resemblance to that;

4.4.5. contains public calls for the commission of terrorist acts or public justification of terrorism and promotes war, pornography, the cult of violence and cruelty;

4.4.6. contains the description of the means of violence and suicide and any incitement to commit them.

4.4.7. contains information on public, religious or other organizations;

4.4.8. contains information that is detrimental to the honor, dignity or commercial reputation of other people also offensive, abusive information, which also infringes the right to privacy of other people, including by launching individual data.

4.4.9. contains the images of other people without their consent for disclosure: (Image distribution of the person without their consent is only allowed in (1) public, social or other public interests; (2) if the A photo was taken of a citizen when it is shot in places that are open for free visits or public events, except in cases where this photo is the main object of use (portrait genre); (3) if a citizen poses for payment);

4.4.10. contains obscene words; contains pornographic images, texts or scenes of a sexual nature that include the participation of minors ;

4.4.11. contains malicious software codes (links) that can be harmful to the software; it also contains the Description of methods of unauthorized access to computer information and links to places of storage in the computer The Web;

4.4.12. contains information on methods, developments, production and use, place of purchase of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and other controlled substances and also promotes their use;

4.4.13. infringes the rights of others;

4.4.14. contains ads, spam and other information that forces goods and services;

4.4.15. it could be fraudulent;

4.4. 16. Contains other information that harms the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal persons the requirements of the legislation of the Dominican Republic

4.5. The User is personally responsible for any information published on the Site, informs other Users and also for any interaction with other Users under the only risk.

4.6. The user has the right to use the materials provided by the administration of the site only for advertising purposes. and promotion of the Company.

5. Rights and obligations of the Administration of the site.

5.1. As for the operation and development of the site, the Administration is guided by the Dominican Republic legislation, this Agreement and other special documents, that is created or may be created and accepted by Site Administration to regulate the provision of Site Services for users.

5.2. The Administration of the site is obliged to grant the user the right to use the Services of the site after the success Registration and to keep Services running. The obligation to dive the user the right to use The services are confirmed by the fact that the User Materials are displayed on the Site.

5.3. If the Administration has reason to suppose that the information provided by the User is not true, its access to the Site may be temporarily limited. If it is found that the false information is provided in the time of registration and / or false information is provided about the site and / or the Company, the registration can be canceled; Personal identification can be eliminated.

5.4. The Administration of the site has the right to control the Materials published by the User. In case of non-compliance the duty of Section 4 of this Agreement, the Administration of the site has the right to remove any Material of the site without prior notice from the user and without explanations. In this case, the administration of the site You have the right to cancel personal identification and block the personal account.

5.5 The Administration of the site has the right to limit the use of the Services in case of repeated or serious violation of the terms of this Agreement and / or Contract, which is signed between the User and the Company.

5.6. In case of violation of the intellectual rights of third parties by the User, the Administration has the right at the request of the people and when there are justified reasons (well documented) to eliminate these Materials and take more measures, including the revocation of registration and the elimination of the user's personal identification.

5.7. The Administration of the site has the right to place advertising and information on any page of the site materials without the consent of the User. The user is not responsible for other content (advertising and nature of the information) that the Administration of the site places by itself.

6. Intellectual rights

6.1. All intellectual rights of the Site and its parts, data, codes, design elements, sources, trademarks, text, graphic images, illustrations, photos, videos and other objects are subject to the exclusive rights of the Site Administration and can not be used to defame and provide false information about the Company and the administration of the site.

6.2. By posting your legitimately proprietary materials on the site, the user grants other users non-exclusive access right to use it when viewing, reproducing (including copying, citing) and other rights exclusively for the purpose of non-commercial personal use, except when such use infringes or may infringe the owner's right interests protected by law.

6.3. By posting their own Materials on the Site, the User grants the Site Administration the right to copy the Materials. to simplify and facilitate the publication and to store the content of the Users on the Site.

6.4. The user grants the Site Administration a non-exclusive right to use for free the Materials published on the site in any way and any method also by visualization, copying, public execution, translate to other languages ​​and distribute for the purposes of the Site and for the promotion of the Site. For pointed Its purpose is that the Administration may create derivative works or insert User materials as part of the other information materials and other actions to achieve these objectives. The right to use the Materials is available worldwide for free without remuneration for the user.

6.5. By using the content created by the user, the administration of the site complies with property rights of the User as author. And the Site Administration is obliged to indicate the name of the User when using the content. The administration writes the name that the user provides when registering in the site.

7. Responsibility of the parties.

7.1. The Administration of the site does not assume responsibility for the loss of materials that is not caused by the Administration.

7.2. The Administration of the site is not responsible for the slight failure or lack of operation of the Services if they are declared flawed or non- operability as a result of:

7.2.1. malfunctions in the information-telecommunication or energy networks;

7.2.2. the actions of third parties directed to the unauthorized access to the software of the Site and / or when placing the software out of action .

7.3. The user is responsible for the damages caused to the administration of the site for the breach of the duties of Section 4 of this Agreement.

7.4. No user and administration of the site is responsible for the total or partial breach of the obligations under this Agreement if this breach was caused by circumstances of force majeure arising after signing the Agreement as a result of circumstances of force majeure that they could not have provided, prevented by reasonable measures. Such circumstances include: flood, fire, earthquake, subsidence and other natural disasters; actions of war or war, embargo, blockade, actions of the authorities interfere with the application of the Agreement.

8. Resolution of disputes

8.1. The Agreement has been prepared in accordance with the laws of the Dominican Republic. UU Issues not regulated by this The agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Dominican Republic.

8.2. In case of disputes or differences in relation to compliance with this Agreement, the User and Site Administration will do everything possible to resolve there through negotiations. Those disputes that are Unresolved by the negotiations must be resolved in the court at the location of the Administration of the site.

8.3. If the User has legitimate claims about the possible misuse of intellectual property on the website the user is obliged to inform the administration of the site by sending an email to the email address with essential attachments of the electronic copies of the documents that support this violation.

9. Other terms and conditions.

9.1. The Site Administration and the User acknowledge this Agreement as valid and consider the authentication of the registration through a login and a password so that access to the personal account is a analogous to a physical signature of the Agreement.

9.2. The Agreement becomes binding on the User from the acceptance of the Terms as confirmed by the fact of notations in the special window about acceptance of the terms of the agreement. The agreement is valid for an indefinite period.

9.3. The Site Administration can make changes to the Agreement unilaterally. If the user does not accept the Changes, you have the right to waive access to the Site, to stop using the Content and Services of the Site. the The continuation of the use of the Site by the User after the changes made in the Agreement will mean that the User accept these changes to the Agreement.

9.4. In the event that one or more paragraphs of the Agreement become invalid or non-enforceable Therefore, this will not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining Articles of the Agreement.